Welcome to The Adventures of a Hexagon!
by Tyler Zahnke

It is the weekend. The kids are out of school. Some are outside having fun. Some are busy reading books by J. K. Rowling. The techie teenagers are busy reading Twisty Little Passages by Nick Montfort, or working on their text-based games to submit to SpringThing.net. The more musically-inclined ones are writing songs for Song Fight, listening to the entries from different countries on OSC, and hope to make it as big as the American Songwriting Awards when they grow up. But while these kids go about their daily lives, the school is quiet, and the textbooks are safely stored away. Here's what people don't know; while the geometry textbooks are sitting as still as a statue on the shelf, the polygons from within their pages come out to play. You are one of those polygons; a hexagon, to be specific. You have escaped the pages of The Basics of Geometry without disturbing the book. You realize that the only thing you can really do in the school is just hide in the book. You go through a tiny space in the outside door of the classroom, and then find your way to the outside door of the school. What do you do next?